• 1/2 lb. cleaning system replaces over 3 lbs. of conventional gear
  • First shotgun cleaning product to clean the chamber, forcing cone and bore completely in a one step operation
  • Has the special tools to clean and maintain the receiver, trigger group, bolt, magazine tube, and gas system
  • Includes: Memory-Flex cleaning rods, a 12/10 gauge bore brush, all-caliber patches, and the Otis O85 Ultra Bore Solvent
  • Patch Savers make it easy for your swab to fit any size shotgun from .410 to 12/10 gauge, and they help provide a snug 360 degree fit as the patch travels through the bore and out the muzzle
  • Also included is a T-handle, a thread connector, and a bore reflector/flag safety. By using the Shotgun Cleaning System, fast and accurate cleaning can be accomplished in minutes

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SKU: 410
Weight: 3 lbs
Price: $ 25.99